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Slovakian Film Director Brings Pandas to Berlin

April 03rd, 2014

News from Berlin – Tomorrow, April 4th, 2014, a short Slovakian movie will be screened during  the 22nd edition of ‘Contravision  Filmfestival’  in Berlin. The film, titled ‘Pandas’, was produced by a young Slovakian director Matúš Viznár, who was awarded the third prize in the category of  Student short films in Cannes in 2013.

‘Pandas’ expresses the individual author´s view on different topics which are ongoing  in today´s society, not excluding the pressing question on the sense of life and human existence. Here, one is introduced to a multitude of conflicts. The author deals with this problem field  using satire  and humour, which is typical for his overall style.

The inspiration behind making this movie came from  the idea that pandas have come to the end of their natural evolution process. However, people keep helping and saving them against their will. It shows a big contradiction when due to the human behaviour and activity, the panda population came close to extinction with humans now doing their best to preserve them as they start recognizing the rarity and nobility of this species.

As Matúš Viznár claims, the panda is a symbol and an icon. It is a symbol of the World  Wildlife Fund, a symbol of China, a symbol of commerce and a symbol of investing money into avoiding the extinction of an animal species.

The Contravision Filmfestival  is taking place at Central Cinema at Hackeschen Markt in Berlin from March 28th to April 5th, 2014. For more information, please click on the following link:,-4th/455-pandy-pandas.html

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