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Slovak Cultural Events in October 2018

The Slovak Institute in Berlin releases a broad program for the October 2018

October 01st, 2018
Maria Mochalova, News from Berlin
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October 2018 is going to be a month full of many events organized by the Slovak Institute in Berlin in cooperation with additional organizations, including the Embassy of Slovakia, the Evangelic Academy of Meißen, and the Literary Information Centrum of Bratislava. The events take place in Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, Bergen-Belsen and Meißen.

In the frame of the 8th European month of photography in Berlin, on the 11.10.2018 at 18:30 will be an official opening of the photography exhibition of Łubo and Monika Stachlo named “Two Houses of One Man” organized by the Embassy of Slovakia and the Slovak Institute in Berlin, where there will be photographs of the Catholic cathedrals as well as Jewish synagogues.

Furthermore, on 16.10.2018 beginning at 17:30, the opening of the exhibition will take place, focused on the Slovak National Uprising in 1944 at the Memorial Bergen-Belsen curated by Dr. Petra Behrens (GDW) and Dr. Adam Hudek, historian of Historical Institute in Slovakian Academy of Science. The exhibition will last until 16th of December 2018 and will be open everyday from 10:00 to 17:00.

In between 19.-21.10.2018 a conference will be held with a Slovak topic “One Thousand Years Old Bee”, which is going to be moderated by Dr. Hans Trepte, accompanied by Stefanie Bose, Jana Koreňová and writer Irena Brežná. The event is organized by the Evangelical Academy in Meißen under the patronage of H. E. Dr. Albrecht Tintelnot in Leipzig.

On 27.10.2018 starting at 19:00, you can visit a Gala-Concert in the Berlin Philharmonic that is going to celebrate 100 years since the establishment of Czechoslovakia. During the concert, you will be able to hear various masterpieces written by Eugen Suchoň, Roman Berger, Bohuslav Martin and Leoš Janáček, played by soloists of the Slovak Chamber Orchestra representatives including Ivo Kahánek (piano), Jan Fišer (violin), Tomáš Jamník (violoncello) under the conduction of Ewald Daniel
The final and main event will be the exhibition of the artist group A-R (Avance Retard), curated by Dr. František Mikloško. The exhibition takes place from 19.6.2018 to 4.10.2018 in the Embassy of Slovakia and shows the art of the group, which had a major influence on the societal development of the situation in Slovakia. The Avance Retard group will be led by French philosopher Erienne Cornevin, literal theoretic Prof. Peter Zajac and dissident František Mikloško.


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