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Sketches by Franz Marc Displayed in Hungarian Embassy

Hungarian Painters add Colour to Marcís Black and White Drawings

September 19th, 2016
Lilla Magyar, News from Berlin

After 100 years, seven Hungarian artists have revitalized the works of the German painter and printmaker, Franz Marc. The Hungarian Embassy in Germany is providing the public with an insight into his work.

Colour was added to 35 postcard-sized, black and white sketches under the direction of Hungarian artist Janos Schenk, who decided to collect and revitalize the painters’ work. Visitors are welcome to have a look at Marc’s original drawings until the end of the month.

Born in 1880, Marc studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich in 1900 before becoming one the leading figures of the century. His well-known paintings such as The Tiger, The Red Deer and The Tower of Blue Horses often have animal-like characteristics and are usually set in natural scenes.

Franz Marc’s name is not only famous for his paintings, but also for his journal Der Blaue Reiter (The Blue Rider), which he founded in 1911. Marc was one of the key artists of the expressionist movement, and his journal attracted many others from the Neue Künstlervereinigung. In 1916, during the battle of Verdun, he was unable to paint so recorded letters and aphorisms in a sketchbook.

After finding the world-famous painter’s sketches, an exhibition entitled ‘Sketches’ displayed the works of Franz Marc and August Macke in Munich in 2015. It was later discovered that these were not originally intended as paintings, but rather were designs for paintings which he had wanted to complete after the war.

The exhibition is dedicated to Marc’s honour, and aims to create a lasting legacy for him.

After an opening ceremony at the end of August, the exhibition in the Hungarian Embassy can be seen till the 30th September.


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