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Singapore Embassy ‘Buddy Bear’ Design Competition to Mark 50 Years of Diplomatic Relations

October 13th, 2014
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News from Berlin - The Embassy of Singapore in Berlin is currently holding a competition to design a Buddy Bear to mark the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Singapore and Germany. Launched on September 15th and closing on November 14th, the competition invites contestants to submit their own design, honoring the “50 years of Singapore-Germany friendship”.

The concept of Buddy Bears began in 2001 as a street art project in Berlin, which used the idea of a bear as Berlin’s heraldic animal to inspire inspire artists. The artists channeled this inspiration into unique designs symbolising the iconic Bear of Berlin. In 2002, the potential for Buddy Bears to make a positive contribution towards the promotion of international peace and cultural understanding was realised. United Buddy Bears is a display of around 140 two meter tall Buddy Bears, one for each nation recognised by the United Nations, which together represent different cultures standing together “hand in hand, symbolising the future vision of a peaceful world.” The project has also raised over two million Euros in aid of UNICEF and local children’s relief organisations.

Following the creation of the independent Republic of Singapore in 1965, The Federal Republic of Germany immediately established diplomatic relations with the new city state. Therefore the Singapore Embassy is looking to harness the spirit of international peace and understanding in the form of their own 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations Buddy Bear.

The competition is open, until November 14th, to all citizens and residents of Germany and Singapore to design this Buddy Bear The winning design will be made into two Bears - one to raise money for charity at auction, and the other to be displayed at the Embassy. For the winners and runners up there are also prizes to be won, including an expenses-paid trip to Germany or Singapore.

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