“Simbiosis Entrópica” in Berlin

Promoting network and collaboration through the galactic art

August 02nd, 2019
Elena Belenova, News from Berlin
20190802_Simbiosis Entrópica.jpg

The Colombian Embassy organizes an exhibition of the famous Colombian artists in Berlin in order to promote and make visible the contemporary artwork of the Colombian artistic heritage.

The exhibition "Entropic Symbiosis" invite the viewer to establish connections and interpretations that precede the threshold of historical narrative and traditional hermeneutic discourse, in order to enable a reconfiguration of the contemplative experience.  The exhibited works invite the viewer to consider the existence of unknown forms of life, through works that propose the mutation and alteration of matter from a molecular vision and thus be able to devise how we can erect a transition to a planetary civilization.

The exhibition counts on the participation of the prominent artists such as Johanna Arenas, Joel Grossman, Andrés Londoño, Carolina Villegas, Mario Vélez, Juan José García, Evelyn Tovar, Juan Melo, Carolina Amaya, Nicolás Cárdenas, Álvaro Lacouture Alicia de la Torre, Santiago Andrés Torres and Álvaro Diego Gómez Campuzano.

The inauguration of the exhibition took place in Pop Up Berlin (Köpenicker Str. 96) at 18:00.


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