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Short Films on Flight and Migration from Africa to Europe

AfricAvenir presents two short-film documentaries in an open air screening hosted in Berlin

August 10th, 2016
Myron Kanter-Bax, News from Berlin

AfricAvenir presents two short films regarding the topic of migration from Africa to Europe in the Prinzessinnnengärten, Berlin.

AfricAvenir is an international pan-Africanist NGO founded in Cameroon, which since 2000 has expanded its reach through the creation of a German chapter in Berlin. The NGO has recently launched a project under the title “Why we are here!?- African Perspectives on Flight and Migration", with the aim to expand and enrich the incomplete public discourse on flight and migration, to give voice to alternative ideas to the predominant anti-migration discourses and illuminate African perspectives on the topic.

According to the organizers, the project will put a strong focus on the protests of refugees living in Germany, on their perspectives and demands, with the help of historical and political analyses from African and Diaspora experts. Such topics are of outmost importance, as they are quickly becoming the main issues not only of German, but also of the European politics and society in general.

The Project will begin with two short films regarding the topical theme of migration and the problems that migrants have to deal with in their daily life. AfricAvenir organizes the screenings in cooperation with Die Nachbarschaftsakademie, in the Prinzessinnengärten in Berlin.

The first short film, titled “Napps - Memoire of an Invisible Man”, tells the story of Mr. X, a West-African asylum seeker living in Berlin without a work permit. The second short film instead discusses the migratory situation in Melilla, the Spanish exclave in Morocco.

Both film screenings will be in English and the entrance to the event is free-donation based. After the screenings, a discussion will held with the films’ directors in.


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