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Seret International Film Festival Helps Berlin to See Through Israeli Eyes

From September 17th – 20th 2016, Seret International Israeli Film and Television Festival brought the best of Israel’s growing talent to Berlin

September 23rd, 2016
Hannah Sarfati, News from Berlin

Seret International Film Festival is a registered charity that aims to share Israeli culture through film and encourage intercultural dialogue and exchange. After successful festivals in London, Amsterdam and Santiago, Seret International is now in Berlin.

Over the last four years, the Israeli Film and Television Festival ‘SERET INTERNATIONAL’ has enjoyed tremendous success in bringing the best of Israeli feature films, documentaries, shorts and TV to London. The festival has recently been expanded to Amsterdam, Berlin and Santiago. 

Over the last decade, Israel has emerged as a surprising key player in the foreign film industry with many thought-provoking and award-winning films and television series. SERET is the brainchild of three Israeli women, Odelia Haroush, Patty Hochmann and Anat Koren, who are passionate about Israeli cinema and introducing it to audiences across the world. 

According to one of its co-founders, Anat Koren, who is Israeli-born and has been based in London for many years, the festival “plays a vital role in offering audiences a glimpse of the world-leading, innovative, dynamic and passionate film and TV industry in Israel”. Films such as ‘Almost Friends’ explore Arab – Israeli friendships and ask whether cross-cultural understanding is truly possible across political divisions, whereas others, such as ‘Barash’ or ‘Antivirus’ deal with stories of coming-of-age and life-changing choices.

Berlin’s thriving independent cinema scene is the perfect place to showcase the melting pot of cultures, religions and social backgrounds which are reflected in Israeli films. This year’s programme included a variety of themes which resonate with audiences regardless of how and where they live. This does not only limit itself to the conflict which so often colours perceptions of the country. Through the medium of film, SERET INTERNATIONAL enables the sharing of values and cultures as well as nurturing Israeli – German cinematographic collaborations.


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