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Serbia Names New Ambassador to Germany

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic Reveals Name of New Ambassador to Serbian Newspaper

August 07th, 2015
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The name of the next Ambassador for Serbia to Germany has been revealed by Serbian Prime Minister, Aleksandar Vucic, to a Serbian national newspaper. The new ambassador, Dusan Crnogorcevic, was specifically chosen by the Prime Minister and will take office presently.

The new ambassador has long been a senior diplomat and is fluent in both German and Swedish. He has long experience in the field of international relations and has been a loyal servant to the fairly recent Serbian state. Prime Minister Vucic also reaffirmed his belief that Dusan Crnogorcevic will represent Serbian interests in the best way possible.

He has already been ambassador to countries such as Latvia, Sweden, Finland and Romania whilst also being a senior negotiator in the aftermath of the ex-Yugoslav conflict, especially concerning the border shared by Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and his home nation, Serbia.

Born in 1948 in Belgrade, Dusan Crnogorcevic studied at the Faculty of Law in that same city. He then went on to study at Columbia University in the United States of America before also occupying the post of deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs for the Serbian Government.

Finally, it would appear essential that Serbia maintains cordial and working relations with Germany in view to one day join the European Union (EU). Indeed, EU membership has long been an essential, long-term goal for Serbian officials. What is more, with the accession of Croatia and the continuing trials of ex-Yugoslav war criminals with the considerable cooperation from Serbian authorities, Serbia now seems more ready than ever to finally conclude the ongoing negotiations on EU membership. It is therefore very interesting to see how events will unfold in the upcoming months and how this new ambassador will communicate and liaise with Europe’s top officials.


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