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Secret Berlin Spots: The Legend of Mustafa’s Veggie Kebab

July 10th, 2014

News from Berlin - Berlin is an international city, unifying many different cultures. It offers every visitor countless opportunities to experience this city in various different ways. When it comes to food Berlin is known for its famous kebab shops – they can be found at almost every street corner.

And while every Berlin visitor should never miss to taste a kebab, there is a special kebab hangout in Kreuzberg, which has established its reputation to be the best kebab shop in the whole of Berlin: Mustafa’s Veggie Kebab.

The queues around lunch- and dinner time speak for themselves. No matter how long customers have to wait to be served, they vow to come back. This can only be explained by the unique taste of Mustafa’s Veggie Kebab. It is unmatched and the ingredients consist of pita bread, freshly fried vegetables, feta-cheese – and whoever craves the non-vegetarian option – chicken meat. Additionally, Mustafa’s Veggie Kebab claims to put a secret ingredient in its kebabs and prepares them with lots of heart and love in order to give them their extraordinary taste. The price of 3 Euros for the signature Berlin kebab makes it a perfect and cheap snack on the go.

If you plan a trip to taste the infamous kebab it is worth it to have a look at Mustafa’s website:

In a fun and quick way it informs about the history of Mustafa’s Veggie Kebab, gives an insight into the menu, and introduces the owners. Moreover, it is possible to check out the live-web-cam of Mustafa’s place to see if there is a queue.

When visiting Berlin, a trip to Mustafa’s Veggie Kebab is always a great idea and a change to the usual sightseeing program. The address is: Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebab, Mehringdamm 32, 10961 Berlin.

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