Second Annual Igbo Cultural Day

On August 17 the festival dedicated to the Igbo culture will be held in Nuremberg

August 06th, 2019
Gaia Carmilla, News from Berlin
20190806_Second Annual Igbo Cultural Day.jpg

On August 17 there will be this festival that aims to raise awareness of Igbo culture through cultural events of all kinds.

Ndi-Igbo Germany (N.I.G) organised this event to raise awareness of the Igbo culture through some cultural initiatives.

There will be music festivals, typical dishes, but there will also be discussions about the business between Nigeria and Germany.

The aim of the day is to improve relations between Germany and Nigeria through an in-depth cultural exchange.

The organizers also stated that this is an opportunity to demonstrate the strength of the Igbo community and the richness of their heritage.

The Igbo community is one of the largest in Africa and in Nigeria represents 17% of the population.


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