“Se bastasse una sola canzone” – Italian Concert in Berlin

The Italian Institute of Culture in Berlin has organized a concert to retrace 70 years of history through the "Italian song"

August 22nd, 2019
Simona Losito, News from Berlin
20190822_Se bastasse una sola canzone.jpg

Yesterday 21th August yesterday has been held a concert at the Italian Embassy, “Se bastasse una sola canzone”. The project of E. De Salvo included the exhibition of Elettra De Salvo, Eva Spagna e Holger Shiliestedt. Together they have retraced 70 years of the history of Italian music

The aim is to introduce listeners to lesser-known but at the same time important Italian songs for the history of "Italian song". Two small Italian women invited the viewer on an exciting journey into 70 years of Italian history in melodies and lyrics since the post-war period through different genres, eras and anddotes of Italian song.

The Italian Embassy has promoted and organized this event in collaboration with the Institute of Italian Culture in order to convey one of the most important components of Italian culture: music. The history of Italian music is vast and often unknown, and it is important that even those who are not part of this culture can have the opportunity to learn more about it.


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