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“Screen Memories” by Verónica Losantos

Enjoy a Winning Contest Exhibition by the Spanish Photographer Verónica Losantos.

February 05th, 2016

“It may indeed be questioned whether we have any memories at all from our childhood: memories relating to our childhood may be all that we possess.”

Sigmund Freud, Screen Memories (1899)

C/O Berlin Foundation brings us the opportunity to see this photography exhibition of how Verónica Losantos stages photos with her father after 20 years of absence and no pictures to remind her of the time he was there.

She stages three different kind of photos, the ones of memories with her father, photos that she knew his father took and then the photos where she imagines situations that never happened.  During the exhibition there is no indication of which one is which so the visitors would have to guess if it is real or part of Veronica’s wishes.  She wanted to know if the photographs could help to create or change memories.

She took the idea for “Screen Memories” from Sigmund Freud using the same title for a particular kind of childhood memories, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary gives the medical definition of screen memory as a recollection of early childhood that may be falsely recalled or magnified in importance and that masks another memory of deep emotional significance. With the photos she wanted see if they could help to create or change memories.

She shooted the photos in a 35mm film and played with the analogue characteristics that the photos had when she was a child, Verónica plays with colours and different textures, they are more grained and scratched, they have imperfections to maintain the tone of that period of her life.

Veronica Losantos’s exhibition will open the 6th February to 24th April at the Amerika Haus of the C/O Berlin Foundation.



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