Scope Festival Brings Finland and Germany Together

The music festival launched by We Jazz and XJAZZ is taking place in Berlin in November, to renew jazz music with a Finnish focus

November 18th, 2016
Chiara Ceccato, News from Berlin

From 17th to 20th November, music will be spread in Berlin thanks to the initiative launched in partnership with We Jazz Helsinki and XJazz Berlin. The name of the event is Scope Festival, and it will take place for the first time in various venues in the German capital, with the purpose of crossing genre boundaries and considering something deeper the music itself, providing a connection between Finnish and German realities.

This is the reason why Scope Festival received this name: to widen the scope of things we look at. It is an occasion to experiment, to gather different people with different talents and build a context of heterogeneous backgrounds with a focus on very specific topics. The We Jazz Helsinki and the XJazz aim to create a platform in which it is possible to find music of different genres, from jazz to hip-hop or classical music.

A specific trait of this festival is the overview of the Finnish music and the intent of mixing it with the German scene: there are therefore many artists from Finland, such as the Kari Ikonen Trio, the Finnish-Nigerian rapper Noah Kin, and the composer Markus Pesonen. Mirel Wagner and Buba Wii Aa are the suggestions of Florian Burger, the Managing Director for XJAZZ. Another special consideration is given to the Berlin X Helsinki Ensemble, performing on the first day of the festival.

XJAZZ and We Jazz Helsinki describe this initiative as a long-term project: the aim is to create and promote bands that will have the chance to play on several occasions, maintaining and reinforcing the collaboration between the two countries. This cooperation is further improved by the similarities of the launching associations, whose start point was different, but whose aim is the same: to renew jazz music.

As supporters of the Scope Festival, it is important to name The Finnish Institute of Berlin, the Embassy of Finland in Berlin and Music Finland, an organization that promotes awareness of Finnish music both in its own country and abroad.


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