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SAYONARA TOKYO, geishe, Tamagotchi, Edelweiss

A colourful Japanese kaleidoscope

July 13th, 2017
Valentina Di Carlantonio, News from Berlin
2017_07_13 Sayonara Tokyo.jpg
The Embassy of Japan is pleased to promote this colourful event, that will take place at Conservatoire of Berlin starting on the 12th of July. There will be the première on 19th of July, whose Director is Stephan Prattes. It is a Japanese kaleidoscope, that represents daily life scenes and special features like dancing and acrobats, live music and theatre. Last but not least manga and anime as well.

Japanese extravagant culture, art and music has always inspired artists of all genres. Here the theatre maker and the stage designer Stephan Prattes will produce a visually amazing variety show on the stage on Wintergarten Berlin. The Japan Variety Revue is novel mix of fabulous acrobatics, exciting entertainment, Japanese music and modern dance.

Everything is stunning and exceptional because Japanese is a unique culture, there are no limits to imagination, everything has a free and unconventional interpretation of a past Japanese Era or the detailed reflection of the Japanese present. This moves Japanese culture and the audience, because Japanese are different people from any point of view. Especially, Japanese artists insist have this peculiarity. “Different” is the key word to describe this people.

The mix of outfits, costumes, scenery, lifestyle and culture, but also curiosities, contrasts, music dancing and much more holds many amazing surprises and turns Sayonara Tokyo into an overwhelming and outstanding event which fills souls and hearts of everyone throughout the evening.

Japan is for sure considered the land of sunrise and smiling. Mega cities are neon-flooded, they are also characterized by mystical villages in a particular silence with fascinating contrasts between traditions and modernity. All this will appear and comes magically in the Sayonara Tokyo. It is no coincidence that Tokyo is the capital of Japan and with its 10 million inhabitants it is always on the move.

What better time to be overwhelmed by this stunning colourful atmosphere?


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