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“Gallery Weekend Berlin”

One of the biggest events in the Contemporary Art scene in Germany

April 27th, 2016

From the 29th of April, to the 1st of May, Berlin hosted the 12th edition of “Gallery Weekend Berlin”. This event is one of the biggest in the Contemporary Art scene in Germany, and it is received visitors from all over the world.

Since 2004, a range of more than 50 Berlin galleries, as well as some museums, have engaged in this private initiative to open their doors and show the work of the selected contemporary artists. This concept, of all the galleries allying their exhibitions to offer the best shows of the whole year in one weekend, has been growing over the years and now it counts important partners and supporting associations like the Centre Pompidou Paris and Tate London.

This makes Berlin a hotspot for art fans and collectors from all over the world, through the weekend. The places involved go from very well-known Museums and galleries (like the NEU and Plan B – that will have a joint presentation), to more experimental galleries. The same thing happened with the artists – one can expect to see work from well-known and established artists (like the Romanian Victor Man, or the Egyptian Ghada Amer), but also from recently emerging (but anyway promising) ones.

The whole event received up to 20,000 visitors, especially from U.S.A., Russia and China. The presence of some high-profile Hollywood stars and art jet-setters came as well.



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Beatriz Nunes, Berlin Global