Sacred Inner Union- Alchemical Cocoa Ceremony

The heart-opening medicine of cocoa for connecting global cultures

July 24th, 2019
Inęs Novais, News from Berlin
20190724_Sacred Inner Union.jpg

The Alchemincal Equinox Ceremony is going to hold on September 21, 2019 in Berlin in order to make together the multicultural Berlin and balance the Feminine and Masculine by the curative action of cocoa.

The Mesoamericans, Mayans & Aztecs, used Raw Cocoa as medicinal purpose during sacred ceremonies. Through such process, whenever during their workshops, cacao ceremonies, sound journeys or temple day Anja & Simon always focus on creating a safe and sacred space where participants can freely explore their inner landscapes and sacredness.

A message of peace, love and self-healing could help the people to share themselves in a unique space and keep together a relation between their spirits and corps. To achieve an overcoming connection among different cultures and ideas is a big step for making together the global countries.


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