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Saber Viver Works with Brazilian Embassy on Water Source Protection

Brazilian Embassy to Berlin promotes the artist group Saber Viver’s performance focusing on river protection

September 12th, 2016
Vojtech Jirasek, News from Berlin

The Embassy of Brazil is promoting the performance group Saber Viver’s German tour which takes place this Autumn. The group is focusing on the promotion of nature protection, particularly in the context of river pollution: a topic which is very crucial to Brazil due to the country’s high dependency on the cleanliness of rivers. The group is trying to open an international debate on water source protection.

The Brazilian cultural educational center Saber Viver from the Ilha de Deus will take part in the KinderKulturKarawane 2016 this Autumn. Companhia de Dança Nativos from Saber Viver will bring its latest stage production, “Rios Mortos, Mangue Sem Vida, Povo Com Fome”, to European schools, theaters and festivals.

The group has previously presented their performance in Brazil. Its aim is to raise awareness of the environment. “The pollution of rivers brings a nation that relies on fishing as a livelihood hunger, violence and even death”, said the performers of Saber Viver. The piece will be full of creative ways of standing up for the protection and preservation of the rivers and mangroves of Ilha de Deus, Pernambuco, and eventually those around the world. On their tour, the six young artists will also perform dances and run Capoeira workshops for the young people there.

Saber Viver was founded in 1983 by the inhabitants of Ilha de Deus, with the support of the Franciscan Father Beda. It aims to improve the living conditions of the population through various projects. The project name shows how much local people have a desire for education. They want a better life beyond poverty, crime and violence. Many of the projects of Saber Viver aim to fight hunger and improve general quality of life through better tuition and education. One significant area which Saber Viver works in is arranging cultural activities for young people, such as art, music, dance and theater. Even the football plays a special role in Saber Viver.

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