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"Saber Viver" - Brazilian Tanztheater Touring in Germany

The Popular Educational Center “Saver Viver” will attend the KinderKulturKarawane in Berlin

September 12th, 2016
Andreea Stretea, News from Berlin

The Popular Educational Center “Saber Viver”, located on the Ilha de Deus (The Island of God), in Recife, Brazil, will attend the KinderKulturKarawane 2016 to present its latest show, “Dead Rivers, Mangue No Life and People Hungry” in many schools, theaters and festivals in Europe.

KinderKulturKarawane promote dialogue between people based on equality, and lasting partnerships organized by projects and schools. Cultural education means education in cultural participation. Cultural participation, in particular, means participation in the artistic cultural events of a society, and in the ability to act these out in general. According to this definition, the KinderKulturKarawane is a perfect model project for cultural education. The presentation of the project, and especially the direct contact with young artists, allow many school children their first real contact with advanced cultural forms. The easy accessibility gives them the chance, for example, to visit the theatre – which can function as a key that opens the door to cultural participation.  

The “Saber Viver” Popular Educational Center was founded in 1983 by the inhabitants of the Ilha de Deus, with the support of the Franciscan Father Beda with the aim to improve the life conditions of the population through various projects. “Saber Viver” (English: knowing how to live”; German: „wissen, wie man lebt”) and expresses how much the people living there want to know how to do it. They want to lead a better life beyond poverty, crime and violence.

An important area of "Saber Viver" work of is the cultural activities for young people, such as art, music, dance and theater. Even the football plays a special role in Saber Viver. Many of the “Saber Viver” projects aim to fight hunger, through environmental education projects, in order to enable a better life for the inhabitants of Ilha de Deus; others provide tuition at schools, in order to open the way for children to a better future through better education. Teenagers’ life in Ilha de Deus is threatened by crime and drugs every day, feeling left out of the society, simply because they are poor. Recife is considered one of the most violent cities in Brazil.

The show, with the aim of raising awareness for environmental protection, will debut first in Brazil. "For a community that lives primarily from fishing, pollution of rivers means hunger, violence and also death”, an official for the “Saber Viver” Center declared. With this show their intention is to mobilize residents, in a creative manner, to collaborate and save not only Ilha de Deus Rivers and mangroves, but also the whole world. During the tour, six young men will hold dance and capoera workshops for youngsters. 

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