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Russia and Germany share Common Ground on G20 Major Issues

Russia and Germany share Common Ground on G20 Major Issues

June 15th, 2017
Anna Bizzotto, News from Berlin

Russian and German leaders examine the necessity to maintain and preserve a mutual dialogue in order to achieve their economic and political goals.

Moscow and Berlin should maintain a direct dialogue despite the current political troubles caused by disagreements over a number of international issues, including the Ukrainian conflict. As Russian political leaders emphasized, Germany and Russia share a common position and understanding on the majority of issues that will be considered in the G20 Summit in Hamburg in July. During all the meetings that foreran the G20 Summit in Berlin, it emerged that the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Russian President Vladimir Putin are trying to arrange a mutual action plan, which aims to enforce their partnership and future collaboration.

Both the countries include in their agendas issues that concern global economic growth, international trade and financial market regulation. As a matter of fact, these topics are traditionally discussion cornerstones of the leaders of G20 states. Moreover, the two countries expressed their willingness to cooperate in recent international hot issues. For instance, Germany and Russia have a strong interest to cooperate on the implementation of the Paris Agreement. The two countries also want to collaborate closely on the adaptation to climate change. Another focus of the political talks was placed on development policy and the labor market in order to provide an opening of the German labor market to Russia.

Finally, the Russian government and Russian embassy have created an open dialogue with German authorities to discuss refugee policy issues and counter-terrorism actions.

According to the Russian president Vladimir Putin, Germany remains Russia's leading economic partner despite sanctions and political difficulties. In reply to this statement, Merkel expressed hope that the anti-Russia sanctions would be lifted under the condition of the Minsk agreement.


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