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Rudolf Valeta exhibition organized by the Czech Center in Berlin

October 27th, 2014
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News from Berlin - The exhibition “Rudolf Valenta” is currently taking place at the Czech Center in Berlin until November 27th. This exhibition is characterized as a tribute to the Czech artist Rudolf Valeta, who is celebrating his 85th birthday this year as well as 40 years of work in Berlin. This event is a result of a one year discussion between Mr. Valenta and curators on contemporary visual work. The curators were Mr. Alexander Peroutka and František Zachoval.

The exhibition consists of two diverse parts: Firstly Bez názvu (Without a name, 1978) and ČIN (Act, 1982- 1985) and secondly „Rekonstrukce jedne místnosti“ (Reconstruction of the room, 1979), which is a video interview. This exhibition is a tribute to his style, which places a dynamic piece into an area.

His work connects Czech art with the contemporary world, which is an important element of communication with the foreign artistic environment. His work, which is a product of his exile, also represents the Czech position in Europe.

Rudolf Valeta emigrated during the normalization period in Czechoslovakia in the early 70s from Ostrava to London and then Berlin. In Berlin he obtained the prestigious DAAD scholarship and successfully integrated into the international artistic environment.

Mr. Valenta is famous in the Czech Republic for his organization of Ostrava symposium (1967- 1969). After his arrival in Berlin, Mr. Valenta was involved in the international community of artists, which is well respected. His work is exhibited in many prestigious collections around the world: for instance the New National Gallery in Berlin, the Museum in Postdam, the Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, the House Of Culture in Potsdam and the Gallery of Visual Art in Ostrava.

The full program of the event can be viewed here: http://berlin.czechcentres.cz/cs/program/detail/hommage-rudolf-valenta/

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