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“Roots Family Stories” on Display at Chameleon Theater Berlin

Stage Play “Roots Family Stories” by Rostislav Novak Invites Berliners to Watch a Czech Spectacle

March 17th, 2016

For the first time ever the theater Chameleon welcomes the company Cirk La putyka from Prague. As one of the oldest puppeteer Dynasties of the Czech Republic, the creators of the Cirk La putyka live a sincere love for new circus and all of its facets. Acrobatics, puppetry, dance and drama of the highest level come together. The spectacle was first performed on February 27th 2016 and is running until August 28th. There is a paid entry ranging from 37 EUR up to 67 EUR depending on where you sit.

Inspired by the family history of the director and the personal roots of the artist, the show “Roots Family Stories” invites you to a thrilling and visually stunning circus experience. Together with eight actors we dive into the imaginative, touching and loving chaotic world of Cirk La putyka. 

Be ready for a fun journey from the beginnings of the circus with oddball characters and dazzling costumes, to powerful artistry, dynamic choreography and a stirring soundtrack of the New Circus. With infinite attention to details a world stage was created, which has a few surprises for the audience. 

Cirk La putyka is a contemporary circus company, which was founded in 2009 by the Novak brothers. Both artistic director Rostislav Novak and the director Vit Novak are part of the company’s board.

The entire ensemble has more than 50 members, consisting of actors, musicians, acrobats, puppeteers, dancers and production and technicians. Each member is highly professional and talented.

The team is growing with every new project. However its ideas, directions and energy, remain faithful. Cirk La putyka have performed more than 750 shows, worked with 215 people from 19 countries and visited 17 countries (China, Australia, USA, Brazil, Finland, France, Germany, England, Croatia, Austria,).


Fotos courtesy © ROOTS News from Berlin
Adam Slezak, Berlin Global