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Romanian Cultural Institute Panel Discussion: How Eastern is Eastern Europe?

May 07th, 2014
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News from Berlin - On May 13th the Romanian Cultural Institute, in cooperation with Deutsch-Rumänische Gesellschaft Berlin, is organizing a panel discussion with the subject of “How Eastern is Eastern Europe? The Negotiation of Cultural Identities in the Competition of Europeanisation”. It will be held by Doctor of Sociology and author, Manuel Boatca.

In the context of the eastern extension of the European Union, as well as the development of “new” geopolitical antagonisms (the West versus Islam) as a consequence of September 11 or the collapse of communist regimes, Eastern Europe and the Balkans have been subject to discussions for an extended period of time. The negative image of the “East” (whether referring to the Balkans or the Asian area) has created the need for cultural identification and development that positions one’s history, religion, contribution to civilization and/or geography closer to the Western world.

In the case of Romania, the controversy regarding the European identity continues to this day due to the delayed adhesion to the European Union and the recent suspension of negotiations for entering the Schengen Area. The consequences of political and economic aspirations of “Europeanization”, the reduction of the statute of “European” only to Western European structures, as well as the consolidation of existing stereotypes and their contemporary examples are subjects that will be discussed at the event.

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