Reviving Café Pilvax by the Collegium Hungaricum Berlin

An immersive travel back in time

May 17th, 2023
Michaela Charisi, News from Berlin
20230517_Reviving Cafe Pilvax.jpg


Sándor Petőfi, one of Hungary's most esteemed poets, was born two centuries ago. He is considered one of Hungary's greatest literary icons. 175 years ago, Hungary witnessed one of its largest revolutions, where Petőfi played a crucial role as a poet and a revolutionary.

The revolutionary events found an important catalyst in Café Pilvax, Petőfi's beloved bar in Budapest. This establishment served as a gathering spot for young intellectuals who aimed to propel Hungary's progress through their insightful thoughts, brilliant ideas, and writings.

Club 1848, a walkthrough installation, revives the essence of Café Pilvax, not by replicating its original décor but by capturing its spirit and cosmopolitan atmosphere. Similar to Café Pilvax, Club 1848 welcomes everyone and serves as a meeting place for individuals to come together and engage in collective thinking. Additionally, it serves as a reminder of the transformative power of the written word and well-articulated ideas, as literature played a significant role in conveying the ideals of reform during that time.

The exhibition which opened its doors on the 14th of March, is going to keep welcoming people up until the 5th of June from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m, with the slogan: “Come in. Stay here.”.


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