Rethinking European Political Culture- Youth Project

The “Centre international de formation européenne” (CIFE) will organize workshops in Berlin, Belgrade, Pristina and Nice from September 2019 through March 2020.

May 08th, 2019
Danaja Antonija Volk, News from Berlin
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The workshops will focus on helping youth (18-29 years old) who are living in France, Germany, Kosovo and Serbia learn about politics and Europe and help them develop their ideas and skills.

CIFE is a private institution of higher education and research, founded in 1954. Its headquarters are situated in Nice, France with offices also in Berlin, Brussels and Istanbul. It receives special funding in the framework of the Jean Monnet Programme of the European Union. The Jean Monnet activities are designed to promote excellence in teaching and research in the field of European Union studies worldwide. It is structured to enhance dialogue between the academic world and policy-makers.

Students from all over the world enroll in programs offered by CIFE which lead to degrees at Master’s level (EQF 7). Many graduates later work as Senior officials in European institutions, policy officers within the UN framework, administrators, diplomats, consultants, researchers for think tanks, lobbyists, and academic experts.

The current president of the CIFE is the President Emeritus of the European Council, Belgian Minister of State- Herman Van Rompuy. In his message about the CIFE he says that “For more than 60 years the Centre international de formation européenne has been promoting the values of Europe, European integration and governance, multilingualism and student mobility through its European and international higher education programmes”.

This year with the cooperation of the “Centre Culturel Franco-Allemand (CCFA Nice)”, the “Youth Initiative for Human Rights” Kosovo and Serbia and the generous funding of the “Franco-German Youth Office (OFAJ/DFJW) and the “Regional Youth Cooperation Youth Office (RYCO) the CIFE will organize workshops to help youth develop their knowledge and projects.

The program will be structured through joint reflection and analysis of intercultural challenges, inputs from participants as well as experts, visits and exchanges with key organizations and institutions. The participants will be selected with the goal of obtaining as many different perspectives as possible on the concept of “political culture”. The main objective is to develop and improve the participants’ skills and working knowledge on outreach and communication.

The participation fee is 165euros for French and German nationals and 75 euros from Serbia and Kosovo. The fee covers all travel, accommodation, and workshop costs during all three weeks. All participants will be required to attend all three workshops.

All the workshops will be held in English. In order to apply one must send a complete application along with the CV to Six youth participants will be selected from France, 6 from Germany, 6 from Kosovo and 6 from Serbia. The deadline for submission is June 30,2019 at 17:00. More information can be found on the website:

The CIFE youth project is an excellent way of promoting intercultural understanding and motivating youth to work in the EU environment and develop certain set of skills in a unique environment.


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