‘Resistance In Name Of Democracy’ Event At Turkish Embassy

A day prior to the failed coup attempt of 2016 an event detailing how it unfolded took place

July 18th, 2019
Frankie Fraser, News from Berlin
20190718_Resistance In Name Of Democracy.jpg

On the 14th of July, the Turkish embassy held an event detailing the events which took place on the 15th of July three years prior, the attempted coup against the government in Turkey. Numerous governmental buildings were targeted, including the Parliament building and the Presidential palace, with the unrest leading to the deaths of over 300 people.

The event aimed to commemorate those who died and detail how the coup unfolded. It included an information event for Turkish Journalists in Berlin, a speech from Ambassador Mr. Ali Kemal Aydin, a documentary and a discussion panel. From the 14th onwards a photographic exhibition within the embassy for citizens of the Turkish state revealing the events which occurred during the coup. A press release from the Turkish embassy titled ‘3rd Anniversary of Resistance in the Name of Democracy’ championed the “millions of Turks who hit the streets that night and defied the traitors, the planes and the weapons of the coup." With it proving that the citizens of the state “wanted to protect the strong democratic tradition of their nation” and that “The people showed that there is only one sovereign, namely themselves.”

However, the press release also called on the German government to do more to combat the threat of the Fethullah Terrorist Organisation (FETO), who they deem responsible for the failed coup and they believe that the FETO has a strong presence in Germany. With members following the failed coup fleeing to Germany due to its “liberal asylum procedure”, with the German government repeatedly not approving the Turkish governments' extradition requests. The statement concludes calling on the German government to more readily work with Turkey, with the FETO an equal threat to Germany, which can ‘only be overcome by joint action.”


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