“Re:publica” in Berlin: International Exchanges on digital culture

Kenya participates in “re:publica” in order to share ideas on the future of the information society

June 21st, 2017
Berlin Global Team, News from Berlin
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From May, 8th, 2017 to May 10th, 2017, Kenya took part in the tech-event in Berlin called “re:publica”. This country is a regular at this annual meeting which started in 2007.

This event aims at creating a network in digital society, as well as spaces for the exchange of ideas at an international level. It started as a blogger’s conference and has evolved to attract innovation hub managers, makers, hackers and entrepreneurs from all around the world. The tech-event looks at technological advancements and the use of creative economies to grow industries. 

Every year, around 100 speakers from over 50 countries and 7 000 visitors attend this event including speeches and workshops. It covers a broad program on digital society related to politics and technological innovations, but also music, culture and media, health and education.

Kenya’s interest in the program has made a huge impact on its economic activities in South of Sahara. According to the UNDP 2013 report, the creative industries are the most dynamic sectors of the world economies and they offer new high opportunities to not just developed countries but offer an untapped industry for developing country.

Kenya lives this concept as was showcased at re:publica. The country was represented by several tech experts and lovers who have developed programs and services that have impacted the country and other parts of Africa. They have made advancements in creative industries ranging from health to film and entrepreneurship. Kenyan representatives included Steven Macharira who has developed digital solutions to improve health systems in Kenya and Africa. They have been implemented in over 320 public health facilities in the country. Moreover, Ng’endu Mukii works in the film industry and uses technology to create animations to re-humanize the indigenous image of the African. Finally, Mugeti Gitau uses creative industries to develop business innovations and to ensure that Kenyan entrepreneurs stay competitive in the digital age.

This annual meeting represents a significant means for strengthening international relations on digital culture and other related topics.

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