Republic of Madagascarís 57th Anniversary

Independence in the Light of Optimism and Cooperation

July 06th, 2017
Ioana Bolboacă, News from Berlin
2017_07_06 Madagascar 57.jpg
The cooperation between Germany and Madagascar was strengthened with a celebration organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Madagascar in Berlin, on June 24th, which illustrated the identity of the African island.

The German town of Falkensee became for a day an open-door manifestation of cultural activities, enabling people to participate, to feel, and to taste Malagasy traditions and cuisine. It was a space for art to be expressed in the Malagasy way through an exhibition of paintings from artist Catherine Dietl, who underlines the island’s national fortune. Moreover, visitors were allowed to enjoy several exhibitory stands signed “Made in Madagascar”, as well as traditional culinary specialties.

Not only was the day a celebration where people came to better connect with the Malagasy world, but it also served as an opportunity to bring together diplomatic representatives of different African embassies in Germany and various German consuls at the reception held in honor of the island’s Independence, where they were invited to strengthen relations.

Minister Florence Isabelle Rafaramalala underlined in her speech the moment when the Treaty of Friendship and Commerce between the Kingdom of Madagascar and the German Empire was signed, which she considers to be the starting point that led to the current developed cooperation between the two nations. Furthermore, several diplomats reinforced the friendly communion between both countries through their speeches, innovative ideas and diplomatic gestures.

Besides the local community, who was either represented or participated in the event, in different activities and stands, there was a party devoted to the Malagasy Diaspora, envisaging the organization of a future Forum of the Diaspora in Antananarivo.

While the celebration allowed diplomats to further consolidate Malagasy-German cooperation at all levels, it also served as a way for people to discover the Malagasy identity and to see the benefits of multiculturalism.

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