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Renowned Kulinarya Team in Berlin

Rare Sit-Down Dinner Reception to Celebrate 119 Years of Philippine Independence

July 06th, 2017
2017_07_06 Renowned Kulinaya Team.jpg

The Kulinarya Team is a well-known ensemble of Filipino chefs, this collaborative group of notable people from all over the world share a passion for both education and the desire to share and exchange knowledge about the current culinary scene.

After having toured around Europe during the year 2017, they have reached their last destination: Germany. To celebrate the conclusion of their tour, they celebrated the 119th Anniversary of the Proclamation of Philippine Independence on June 22nd at the Maritim Hotel in Berlin. The Philippine Embassy in Berlin invited over 60 distinguished guests and around 30 members of its Embassy.

The gastronomic dinner took place in the presence of H.E. Ambassador Melita Sta. Maria-Thomeczek of the Philipines as well as H.E. Ambassador Ina Lepel who serves as the Director General for the Asia-Pacific Federal Foreign Office. The event also included guests from the German Parliament and Foreign Ministry, making this celebration an opportunity for cultural and culinary exchange.

The event, which was an initiative taken by the German Embassy Team, sought to use Filipino gastronomy to transform the 119th anniversary of Philippine Independence into a cultural experience. In order to do so, the Kulinarya Team offered a remarkable dinner with a variety of cocktail drinks and a special five-course dinner with typical Filipino dishes.

The renowned Team had also been traveling around Germany giving students the opportunity to discover their culinary speciality. The initiative of Tour gastronomy is an excellent way to give people the chance to taste new flavours and discover new cultural cuisines.

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Nadine Dihn, Berlin Global