Remembering Georgian-Russian War

Film screening commemorating eleven years since Georgian-Russian war

August 09th, 2019
Oana Călățean, News from Berlin
20190809_Remembering Georgian-Russian War.jpg

Exactly eleven years later after Russia invaded Georgia, on 8th of August 2019 the Embassy of Georgia in Germany recalled the event with a special documentary screening, “I didn’t cross the border, the border crossed me”, at its venue here in Berlin.

The events that took place in August 2008, considered the first European war of he 21st century, torn apart the Transcaucasia region, leaving behind an enormous number of causalities and displaced people. The new geopolitical order in the region impacted drastically the people of Georgia until today.

The documentary projected by the embassy searched to express exactly this feature of the conflict, that even after more than a decade the consequences of the war are still very real and present, impacting greatly the daily life. The movie document the experiences of the people from the village of Churvaleti, which is separated by barbed wire fence marked by the Russian authorities. The fence goes right through the village, dividing communities and families. The documentary reminds us once again of the fact that ultimately the ordinary citizens, the villagers are the one that suffer the most when a war and territorial conflicts arise, and even more when these conflicts “frozen”.

The screening was open to the large public, English subtitles was provided, encouraging even foreigners to come and acknowledge this part of recent history.


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