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Reception at Chinese Embassy

Reception Held to Mark the 88th Anniversary of the Founding of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army

August 13th, 2015

Mr. Major General Yijun Zhang, the defense, naval and air attaché of the Chinese Embassy, hosted the reception at the Chinese Embassy. Among the guests were, General Major Hans-Werner Wiermann, the former territorial commander of the Bundeswehr, Mr. Brigadier General Michael Matz, representatives of the BKA, representatives of the Berlin Police, representatives of the Foreign Office, representatives of the Federal Ministry of Economics and other military attachés from embassies around Berlin as well as a number of diplomats. Ambassador Shi Mingde also attended the reception.

During the ceremony, amongst other attractions was General Zhang’s speech. He paid tribute to the Chinese Army’s contribution to the independence of the Chinese nation and to their efforts pertaining to the to the maintenance of world peace. He also paid tribute to the positive development of relations between Germany and China. At the end of his speech, General Zhang talked about China’s current defense policy.

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army is the armed forces of the People's Republic of China (PRC) under the leadership of the CPC. Their mission (as defined by Former CMC Chairman Hu Jintao) is to: Consolidate the ruling status of the Communist Party; to help ensure China's sovereignty, territorial integrity, and domestic security in order to continue national development; to Safeguard China's national interests and to help maintain World Peace.


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