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Recent Events of the German Embassies to Promote German Culture

An overview of cultural diplomacy activities

January 03rd, 2018
Nicolò Cairo, News from Berlin

During the last three months, the German embassies organized many events in order to promote the German culture and a positive image of the country. Some of the meetings there were organized were also related to German politics – i.e. the German elections. In this article, some of the most important events will be mentioned.

Each of the events were focused on the politics and the culture of Germany. Starting from September, the German Embassy to India in New Delhi organized an event to watch live the results of the national elections that took place on September 24th 2017.

As for the cultural dimension, 2017 is an important year, as it marks the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reform in Germany is celebrated. These celebrations took place in many representations of Germany all around the globe in the last three months: the most involved embassies were the one in the United Kingdom and the one in France. In both those places, many events focused on the Lutheran Reformation.

Still in Europe, the German Embassy to Italy has organized many events that focused on the economic, the political and the cultural dimensions: starting from the month of September, the embassy organized a live-event for the German national elections and in October the reunification of Germany was celebrated by the German representation in Italy. As for the economic issues, the embassy organized a conference on the future of the Euro. As far as the cultural events are concerned these included, for example, a concert hold with the winners of the “Ton und Erklärung” in the month of September.

Another German representation that organized important events is the Embassy in China: during the month of November, an Artistic event on “Art Street” has been organized by the German Embassy to China and saw the participation of the Street-Art Duo from Hamburg “Zonenkinder.”

Overall, these events that took place in the last three months show how the German commitment to promote the culture of its country abroad is quite deep.


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