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Rare butterflies, Orchid Species and Ancient Ruins. Germany’s New National Park

Germany set to open Rhineland-Palatinate’s first National Park

April 02nd, 2015

Germany's newest national park is set to draw tourists with its multitude of flora and fauna and much more. It will provide visitors with relaxation and regeneration, and serve as a green oasis for all nature enthusiasts. The preserved area spans two western states and will open later this year. This will be Germany’s 16th National Park, with operations officially set to begin on May 25th this year. A grand opening ceremony will take place on the 23rd and 24th of May. 

The Rhineland-Palatinate Parliament has given the national park project the green light, which was already accepted by the Saarland federal state in November last year. The two federal states, located near the French border, are now looking forward to sharing a new national park by the end of the year. "This is a success for our state, for the region and the nature of the Hunsrück mountain range," said the Rhineland-Palatinate Minister of the Environment Ulrike Höfken. "Our region still has a rich biodiversity of animals, plant species and forests. It is our duty to protect this heritage," she added.

The Palatinate Forest is a low-mountain region in the South West of Germany, located in the Palatinate in the state Rhineland-Palatinate. The forest is a designated natural park, covering 1,771 squared kilometres. Its highest elevation is at 673 metres. Together with the northern part of the neighbouring Vosges Mountains in France, it forms the UNESCO designated Palatinate Forest-North Vosges Biosphere Reserve, one of the largest forests in Europe.

The new national park is expected to boost the development of tourism. It will cover an area of 10,000 hectares. The highest peak in the Hunsrück mountain range is the Erbeskopf, at 816 meters. The region is also of cultural and historic significance, holding relics from Celtic and Roman times. A celebration on the 23rd/24th of May will include ranger tours and an accompanying evening program at the “Hunsrückhaus,” as well as other national park events planned for Pentecost Sunday. 


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