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Pushing Reality: An Exhibition on The Development of Iceland

October 15th, 2014

News from Berlin - On Friday 17th October there will be an opening at the Grundemark Nilsson Gallery for a group exhibition called “Pushing Reality” which will officially open for visitors on 18th October until 15th November, as part of the “Monat der Fotografie” programme.

This exhibition is centered on Iceland and focuses on the folklore tradition and history of Iceland. Iceland’s history began with the migration of Norse settlers across the North Atlantic that began in the late 9th century, and thus the exhibition recognises various Icelandic photo based artists and how they use and develop their ideas and concepts in relation to four elements: earth, air, fire and water. These four elements are viewed as important to Iceland’s development and thus the work that will be exhibited will reveal the evolution of Iceland from an isolated area to a place that continues to be visited today.

The exhibition includes the work of eleven Icelandic artists, all from different generations. The artists include: Hreinn Fridfinnsson; Anna Thorhallsdottir; Spessi; Dodda Maggy; Daniel Reuter; Sigurdur Gudjonsson; Sigurdur Gudmundsson; Kristinn Hrafnsson; Gudrun Kristjansdottir; Magnus Olafsson and Gunnar Runar Olafsson.

The exhibition is in cooperation with the Embassy of Iceland, the Icelandic Art Center (which aims to introduce and support Icelandic visual arts abroad), the Reykjavik Photo Museum, the Petur Arason Collection and the Galerie Nordenhake.

Essentially the exhibition will enable visitors to learn about the development of Iceland and what Iceland has to offer. This is particularly important as Iceland is a place that not many people have seen, and thus an exchange of information about Icelandic culture can occur through the arts. The exhibition will take place here in Berlin enabling Berliners, Germans, and people from various other parts of the international community to experience what Icelandic history is, and what this history means to the artists involved.

Furthermore, in cooperation with the Icelandic Embassy, a panel discussion will be held on the 18th of October at the Nordic Embassies in Berlin followed by an artist talk on the 6th of November with artist Daniel Reuter. This will widen the scope of the exhibition, by inviting questions and discussion between not only the panel but also the audience, who will be able to engage in an exchange of views and expand their knowledge of a different culture and community.

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