Protecting Migrants in the Spirit of Human Rights and Cultural Diplomacy

Mexico´s Foreign Secretary announces a new plan for migrants

March 12th, 2019
Julia Bohlin, News from Berlin
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On the 1st of March, the Foreign Secretary Marcelo Ebrard announced on behalf of the Mexican Government and the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the Migrant Protection Strategy. This strategy also strives to stimulate the relationship with the Mexican Diaspora.

To fulfill the goals of protecting and supporting migrants, the Foreign Secretary presented a list of actions that will facilitate this. This contained for example expanding the network of lawyers and organizations specialized in defending Mexican migrants’ rights, improving quality of life by expanding health, education and sport programs, updating the regulations of the Foreign Ministry to align with the current human rights framework such as indigenous rights.

Since protection of human rights is one major part of the goals of cultural diplomacy, these new regulations from the Mexican Foreign Secretary are, according to cultural diplomacy, in the right direction towards peace and stability. Other steps to achieve this is the respect and acknowledgement of cultural diversity and heritage, a global intercultural dialogue and justice, equality and interdependence.


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