Promoting South Africa via Instagram

Social media project is a part of the South African National Tourism Board’s 25 Years of Democracy celebrations

May 08th, 2019
Niina Nukki, News from Berlin
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South African Tourism (SAT), the national tourism board of South Africa, collaborated in an exciting Instagram initiative with partners Travelstart and the Instagram account @SouthAfrica to showcase the best of South Africa in April 2019. It is a modern way to promote the nature, culture and scenery that South Africa has to offer to the world.

In the project, 15 local as well as international Instagrammers descended on attractions and spots in all of the nine South African provinces and photographed the 25 most Instagram-worthy locations. These pictures were shared on all South African Tourism’s social media platforms and on the @MeetSouthAfrica Instagram account. Additionally, the content was featured on @Travelstart and @SouthAfrica accounts.

The international Instagrammers part of the Insta Tour are from Hawaii, USA, Canada, Germany and Australia. On 27th April 2019, which was South Africa’s National Freedom Day, the Insta Tour culminated in an Instagram meeting by South African Tourism in the seaside town of Arniston in the Western Cape.

“We live in a creative yet exciting world where images and visuals of beautiful places play a huge part in people’s decision making when it comes to choosing a holiday destination,” says South African Tourism, adding: “Having 15 Instagrammers scouting the entire South Africa for the 25 best Instagrammable locations will further highlight the beauty South Africa has to offer and will expose the world to some of our lesser known sights, but still worth travelling to see. And doing this at a special time in our history adds further significance to the Insta Tour.”

South Africa was recently voted in the top 5 most Instagrammable countries in the world following a survey by Big Travel 7 which featured 192 countries. Partners to the Insta Tour, Travelstart and the Instagram account @South Africa, are extremely excited by the potential and quality of the photos.

“Travelstart is truly excited to partner with SA Tourism on this incredible initiative to showcase the most beautiful country in the world at this historic time. With Travelstart being predominately online, it only made sense for us to utilize our relationships with key online influential Instagrammers and further extend our footprint in the digital media space, together,” said Jerome Touze, MD at Travelstart.

“South Africa is one of the most photogenic countries on the planet, and I’m incredibly proud to help showcase the beauty of our country with the rest of the world. South Africa is one of the most Instagrammable countries on earth, and I love that we get to showcase 25 of our most photographic locations with the world.”

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