Promoting Multiculturalism at the Festival of Lights in Berlin

From 11th until 20th of October the capital transformed into a canvas where artists present they stories, culture, arts and messages

October 08th, 2019
Stamatia Chroni, News from Berlin
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Once in a year Berlin is in the Light; Berlin’s most famous sights and monuments in the city are illuminated by the spectacular light and video projections at the Festival of Lights.

The Festival of Lights, known as “Berlin leuchtet" in German, is a popular event and is taking place for the 16th time. It is under the patronage of the Governing Mayor of Berlin, Michel Müller. Since then the event has become a registered trademark and it is one of the most famous light festivals worldwide.

This remarkable festival lasts for ten days. The most recognizable landmarks, monuments, buildings and places will be transferred into a stage for art and music, through the projection of images and videos. Many artists use this festival as an opportunity to present their contemporary works of art in a really unique way, lighting up some of the most well-known buildings not only in Berlin, but also in the world.

Each Festival of Lights has its own motto. This year’s motto is Lights of Freedom. This name is actually quite suitable for this, as it links to the “30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall”. With this in mind, the word Freedom acquires new meaning. For the first time there will be a prize for light artist of the year. The task was to visualize a convincing and creative collage regarding the theme multiculturalism and this was appealing not only to the artists but also to the visitors. Additionally, the driving force for the new-talents-award was the Ambassador of the Embassy of the Republic of Singapore.

For ten days the city of Berlin will become a huge exhibition full of art and music! The Festival of Lights offers two light routes, where anyone can explore the illuminations and productions on a “Walk of Lights”. Monuments and the historical buildings such as the Brandenburger Tor, the Embassy of the Republic of Singapore, the Embassy of the Republic Korea, the British Embassy and the European House will be lit up by this magnificent and colorful art exhibition!


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