Promoting Italian Cultural Heritage

The Italian Institute of Culture aims to spread Italian traditions, history and culture

May 09th, 2018
Berlin Global, News from Berlin

In the framework of an intensive program, the Italian Institute of Culture has been working to spread Italian culture and history across Germany.

Although, in some cases, national culture may bring us back to a past time, it is vital to carry and transmit this culture to the new generations. Culture is not only represented by material things but also immaterial. Monuments, remains, literature, music, theatre are all part of the whole spectrum of any culture.

Being the 2018 European year of cultural heritage, Italy and its numerous UNESCO sites constitute one of the best representations of cultural traditions and areas. Every year, millions of tourists come to visit the peninsula contributing to the export of Italian culture in their home countries.

The Italian Institute of Culture in Berlin - in collaboration with the Italienzentrum of the Freie Universitat of Berlin - launched the diverse program of events in April 18th. An Italian archaeologist, Salvatore Settis, had the honor to introduce the opening conference, whose aim was to reflect upon cultural traditions and heritage in Italy.

Throughout the program, which will last the entire year, there will be various conferences, lectures, panel discussions, readings and performances to give the possibility to immerse yourself in the real and deep Italian tradition. Different main topics will be explored during the year, ranging from literature, philosophy, translations, to documentaries, movies,

Each topic is entitled according to their objectives:

  • #dedika18: art, exhibition, performances, meetings;
  • #primavera_italiana: translation of emerging Italian writers;
  • #filososia: contemporary Italian philosophy;
  • #memoria_zukunft #38 Jewish letter reading to remember racial discrimation laws;
  • #memoria_zukunft #68 Italian movies to recollect memories from 1968;
  • #memoria_zukunft: art exhibition and reading in order to remember deported Italian people
  • #Capitini50: Aldo Capitini’s philosophical work along Gandhi’s thinking and promoter of Perugia-Assisi march;
  • #mezzogiorno: historians, economist and politicians discuss Italian South-North issue, poverty versus wealth, underdevelopment versus innovation;
  • #cinema_e_cinema: exhibition about Italian cinema;
  • #settimana della cucina #settimana della lingua: conference about teaching Italian in Germany;
  • #disegnami: Italian architect winners of the competition “premio Berlino”;
  • #bambini: meetings reserved to children who wants to learn Italian


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