Promoting German-Cuban Relations in Berlin

The Cuban Embassy in Berlin Talks Investment Opportunities

June 13th, 2017
Raquel Alberto de la Fuente, News from Berlin

On June 7th 2017, the Cuban Embassy in Berlin hosted a conference promoting German investment in Cuba. Over 30 business men and women, as well as representatives from German institutions, attended the event this past Wednesday.

The discussion was centered around the need for investment in two main sectors of the Cuban Economy: the sugar industry and the tourism industry. Specifically focused on was Cuba’s need to invest in energy-efficient technologies and renewable energies in order to shift their electricity production paradigm towards a more sustainable model.

This modernization goal remains a priority for the Cuban government, which hopes to make steady progress in the energy field in the coming years in order to upgrade the quality of life on the island for both residents and tourists.
It is undeniable that the country’s current economy is and has been shaped by its past national history; therefore, not only did the attendees of this event discover the business opportunities that Cuba provides, but also learnt about Cuban culture and history. Moreover, the presence of representatives of the Cuban embassy allowed for a direct communication flow between Germans and Cubans.

Furthermore, the fact that the Cuban Embassy embraced German investment over any other region’s is an indicator of previously successful cultural exchanges between both nations. Entering a partnership (whether economic or political) with another country, calls for a great understanding of the other’s culture in order for the partnership to flourish.

Therefore, transitioning from cultural cooperation towards a true economic alliance implies the usefulness of the former in order to facilitate the eventual success of the latter.


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