Promoting Business in Indonesia in Germany

The German-Indonesian Chamber of Industry and Commerce plans for future promotion of Indonesia in Germany with three events

October 11th, 2022
Natalie Thelin, News from Berlin
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The German-Indonesian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (EKONID) is planning three events in order to promote German-Indonesian commerce, wherein AHK Indonesia and the German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (IHK) will take part. The events will be held in Germany to improve the impression of business with Indonesia.

IHK represents all commercial enterprises in Germany and works together with Außenhandelskammers (AHKs) from different places of the world to establish cooperation opportunities for German businesses in other countries. The IHKs in the federal state of Hesse, the IHKs in the federal state of Northrhine-Westphalia, and the IHKs in Berlin-Brandenburg will conduct events with AHKs to present foreign business opportunities for German businesses.

One of the IHKs’ concerns with Indonesia that they are collaborating with, is the transition to green energy. Indonesia is planning to fully transition to green energy in the near future, which creates opportunity for German investors. The “Green Infrastructure Initiative” will pose a starting point for German businesses interested in expanding operations to the country.

The three events were held on June 24th at IHK Bonn/Rhein-Sieg, June 28th at IHK Frankfurt am Main, and June 29th at IHK Potsdam.


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