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PromoFood 2016, the International Business Partnership Forum for the Food Industries

Italian and German Markets to Foster and Promote Economic Relations and Cooperation Between Enterprises of Both Countries

January 25th, 2016

The Italian Chamber of Commerce for Germany (ITKAM), is an association that operates bilaterally between Italian and German markets to foster and promote economic relations and cooperation between enterprises of both countries. Amongst other up-coming 2016 events it is now highlighting in its ‘events and fairs’ section is the ‘PromoFood2016’, taking place Thursday the 28th and Friday the 29th of January at the ‘Industrie und Handelskammer’ IHK in Potsdam.

‘PromoFood’ is an international business partnership forum for firms and institutions in the food industries, taking place for the seventh time and enjoying a steadily increasing popularity. This meeting will be held in an international arena between companies of the food industry, especially in the areas of Food Products; Agricultural Products; Organic Products; Food Processing; Production and Processing Technologies; Distribution and Marketing; Logistics; Packaging and Design. 

The event will last for two days, during which the companies will be given the opportunity to take part in meetings and discussions and will see their brand entered in the catalogue of the international events. The Forum, in fact, offers a program of carefully planned joint talks between interested entrepreneurs from home and abroad. The aim of the event is to forge business relationships between these direct contacts. During the first day participants will assist bilateral business meetings and attend the evening receptions. During the second day they will have an excursion to the innovative companies and research institutions in Germany’s capital. 

The participating States will be: Scandinavia, Poland, Russia, Hungary, Turkey, Tunisia, Britain, Italy, Austria and Germany, participation for Italian companies is free.

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