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Project Space Festival

August 06th, 2014
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News from Berlin - The month of August in Berlin will be marked under the sign of independent art scene. A 31 day event should attract not only art specialists but those willing to discover the new face of independent art in the city.

The Project involves 30 city spaces in Berlin that include inter alia LEAP (Lab for Electronic Arts and Performance), Kreuzberg Pavillon, Grimmuseum, Import Projects and Autocenter. Each space is allowed to present its cultural content for 24 hours. The mediums of presentation are wide ranging, from exhibitions, excursions, city games to art meals. The Festival is a unique occasion to explore Berlin in three dimensions: art, culture and architecture. Historic buildings, art collectives and modern-art spaces are just a few of the many things that Project Space Festival has got to offer.

Of particular interest is the Turkish initiative- the Apartment Project- which is a place for living, studio and exhibition space in Berlin that aims to form a platform based on the collaboration of interdisciplinary artists and researchers by living and working together. Another interesting example is Berlin-Weekly.com, a window exhibition which can be admired both live and online. This gallery, located in Berlin-Mitte, provides artist with space for their installations and personal presentation. The space of historic Malzfabrik, District Kunst- und Kulturförderung offers interesting opportunities for artists to not only show their exhibitions but immerse visitors in art by educational initiatives taking place in District. Other spaces of the Festival, that catch the eye due to their originality include: Espace Surplus in Berlin-Mitte, General Public in Prenzlauer Berg or The Kleine Humboldt Galerie.

More information on Project Space Festival can be found here.

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