Presentation of the Book "Das Auswärtige Amt und die Kolonien. Geschichte, Erinnerung, Erbe"

Exploring the Role of the German Foreign Ministry in Colonial History June 10th, 2024

June 10th, 2024
Snejana Melnic, News from Berlin
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On June 5, 2024, the Ambassador of Cameroon attended the presentation of the book “Das Auswärtige Amt und die Kolonien. Geschichte, Erinnerung, Erbe,” a project supported and financed by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This unique work was authored by a collective of writers from Africa, Asia, Europe, and America, including Cameroonian Professor David Simo, one of the main editors.

The book explores the role of the German Foreign Ministry through its former colonial department in the acquisition and management of colonies worldwide between 1890 and 1907, offering a historical and critical perspective on this complex period. The publication represents a significant contribution to understanding the dynamics of colonialism and its enduring impacts.

The presentation ceremony was presided over by Her Excellency Annalena Baerbock, the German Minister of Foreign Affairs. Following the presentation, Ms Baerbock engaged in an enriching discussion about the book with Flower Manase, curator of the National Museum of Dar-Es-Salaam, Professor Brigitte Reinwald, historian, and Nadja Ofuatey-Alazard, head of the Dekoloniale project and director.

This event provided a valuable opportunity to reflect on colonial history and its contemporary repercussions while celebrating the international and academic collaboration that made this publication possible. The Ambassador expressed gratitude for the invitation and praised the importance of such initiatives in promoting a deep and nuanced understanding of our shared history.


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