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Presentation of Brazilian Book ‘MINHASP - My São Paulo’ in Berlin

May 13th, 2014
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News from Berlin - On May 28th at 7pm, the Ibero-American Institute will host the presentation of the book ‘MINHASP (My São Paulo)’, published in Brazil by Editora Third Name and in Germany by publisher Esefeld & Traub. The book is part of a series of portraits of international metropolises that started in 2008. The project that led to the publication of this book serves to show the close bond between Germany and Brazil, using the cities with the most German businesses and economic ties worldwide as a tool. There has been a high flow of German immigrants that have been affected by the cultural exchanges with the Brazilian community for years.

MINHASP (My São Paulo) is a book of portraits of the city of São Paulo, with the aim of showing the metropolis in all of its aspects through texts of Brazilian and German authors: from it’s daunting, chaotic, and polluted features, to the most fascinating dynamisms, unpredictability and variety. The books attempts to do so by presenting a collection of pictures taken in 2011, which inspired 72 authors (approximately half from Brazil and half from Germany), to record their personal experiences, thoughts, curiosities and impressions of the city. All texts were written by people coming from different backgrounds and with different professions such as architects, journalists, artists, writers, lawyers and professors.

This diversity contributed to the drawing of a very interesting picture of São Paulo, a city that blooms and unfolds throughout their personal stories and feelings. The maestro Julio Medaglia and filmmaker Fernando Bonass serve as an example of the authors that contributed to this project. The event is organized by the Brazilian Embassy, in cooperation with IAI, and Edition Esefeld & Traub. The book will be presented in a discussion with writer Tanja Duckers in Berlin, with the CEO of BDI Brazil Board, Rafael Haddad, and the director of IAI Dr. Barbara Göbel.

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