Practicing Sport at the Malaysian Embassy

Promoting cultural exchange through sports with the Malaysian community in Berlin

October 18th, 2019
Marta Faraoni and Marina Natsia, News from Berlin
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October is the National month of sports in Malaysia and because of this the Malaysian Embassy in Berlin hosted the Bulan Sukan Negara (BSN) 2019, through a series of sporting events and activities.

The Malaysian Embassy organized a series of sports events including badminton, ping pong, bowling, Pilates classes and competitions, in order to celebrate the Bulan Sukan Negara (BSN), the national month of sports in Malaysia. The Malaysian Embassy in Berlin is very active and has organized this sort of event every year since 2016. It is important to mention that the typical Malaysian way of living includes sports and a healthy lifestyle and that is why they promote this cultural lifestyle not only in Malaysia but also in other countries. In Berlin, they are fortunate with the vast available space they have inside their Embassy, which allows them to organize large sporting events. As well as H. E. Amb. Sarah Al Bakri Devadason many people attended these events, such as the local Malaysian community as well as the German community. Together they celebrate the Malaysian Month of Sport and show how sports and activities can function as a successful means of communication and cultural exchange between countries and communities.

The Bulan Sukan Negara has been celebrated by the Malaysian government and all its diplomatic representations around the world since 2016. During a short interview with H. E. Amb. Sarah Al Bakri Devadason, Head of Mission for the Malaysian Government in Berlin, explained that there are several reasons why Malaysians celebrated and practiced sport in October. Firstly, practicing sport every day is a healthy habit and secondly, sports are a way to unite a multiethnic and fragmented country such as Malaysia. It is in fact is a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural country, where different ethnicities with various religions coexist. More specifically, there are Malaysian Chinese, Malaysian Indians and indigenous people.

Germany and Malaysia share a positive history in their political and economic relations. Germany was one of the first European countries to recognize Malaysia, when this Asian country obtained its independence from Great Britain, in 1957. Since Malaysian independence, there have been 94 different Malaysian ambassadors in Germany, with H. E. Amb. Sarah Al Bakri Devadason being the first female Malaysian ambassador in Berlin.

The two countries cooperate in many different spheres such as education, business and tourism. Malaysia is well renowned as it boasts five UNESCO sites and many other tourist attractions, for instance their astonishing beaches and historical heritage sites.

The Malaysian Embassy in Berlin not only organizes events such as Month of the sport, but also tasting events that promote Malaysian food and they also participate in International Travel Trade Show Berlin (ITB), the world’s largest tourism trade fair that happens every year. 


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