Potsdam Palace Night

Sanssouci parks and palaces in Potsdam open their doors in a celebration to the bygone glory of the Prussian Kings

July 25th, 2019
Inęs Novais, News from Berlin
20190725_Potsdam Palace Night.jpg

On the 16th and 17th of August, the Potsdam Palace Night allows visitors a glimpse into the baroque lifestyle of Frederick the Great and his royal contemporaries.

Sanssouci is a world-renowned park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, famous for its distinctive, terraced grounds, and majestic fountains and palaces. Sanssouci palace was the former summer residence of Prussian King Frederick the Great. The park’s landscape was designed by renowned architect Peter Lenné.

For two days, the gardens and palaces surrounding Sanssouci Palace will be filled by musicians playing classical tunes, dance and theatre performances and a number of informal lectures on 18th century lifestyle and philosophy. Dressed up actors wearing costumes from the Prussian era will also walk around the promenade of the gardens’ grounds. During the night, the gardens and buildings will be brilliantly illuminated, and firework shows will be displayed at midnight both on Friday and Saturday.

The Admission Fee is about 41€ per person (free for children under 14) and the event will run on Friday the 16th from 6pm, and on Saturday the 17th from 5pm.


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