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Portugal and Germany - “Fado” in Berlin

German Movie Filmed in Portugal was exhibited on the 16th of April

April 08th, 2016

Fado” is a drama film directed by Jonas Rothlaender, about an ex-couple that decides to take a second chance on love, in Lisbon. On the 17th, Sunday, there was also two exhibitions, one at the Babylon 2 Cinema, at 19h45, and the other at the Kammerspiele Kleinmachnow Cinema, at 20h15.

“Fado” tells the story of Fabian (Golo Euler), a young German doctor working in Berlin, and Doro (Luise Heyer), who moved to Lisbon to work at an architecture studio. They are an ex-couple, but Fabian decides to go to Portugal and look for Doro. She doesn't know how to deal with the situation at first, because they had a really emotional and painful relationship. She still had feelings for Fabian, so she takes him back. Quickly we realize that it's Fabian's insecurities that mess up the relationship, because he can get really jealous.

Fado, which literally translates to 'fate', is the name of a typical Portuguese music genre, characterized by mournful tunes and lyrics, associated with feelings of fatefulness and melancholia. The choice of taking this Portuguese expression as a title shows the intensity of this drama movie, as well as it might be a metaphor for the struggles on Fabian and Doro relationship.

The film was a collaboration between Portuguese and German agencies. It was produced and totally funded by the German StickUp Filmproduktion ( and co-produced by the Portuguese independent agency Primeira Idade. The film has a 100 minutes length and, besides the two German actors in the main roles, it has several Portuguese actors.



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