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Polish State Secretary Meets Minister President: A Testament to German-Polish Cooperation

July 10th, 2014
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News from Berlin - A meeting between the two coordinators for the German-Polish cross-border cooperation took place this weekend at Potsdam.

The Polish State Secretary of the Polish Minister of the Interior and Administration, Piotr Stachańczyk travelled to Germany to meet the Minister President of Brandenburg Dietmar Woidke. Woidke also works as a coordinator at the German Federal Government for the purpose of an intersocial and border-close German-Polish collaboration. Another participant of the meeting was president of the German-Polish governmental commission for regiional and border-close cooperation Joachim Bleicker.

The main focus of the meeting was  cross-border and interregional cooperation between Germany and Poland in order to further strengthen Germany’s partnership with Poland and diversify relations with their neighbours.

Poland is a key partner of Germany in the European Union. For example, German-Polish relations are of great importance for both sides and have since the 1990s developed a dynamic relationship that is very rare in recent history.

Regional and cross-border cooperation, hundreds of town twinning arrangements and the partnerships between German federal states and Polish voivodeships are also a testmament to the breadth and closeness of relations between the two countries.

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