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Polish-German Media Days

August 06th, 2014
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News from Berlin - In Berlin and the rest of Germany, many events are created to strengthen the connection from people in different fields from around the world. The Polish- German Media Days, which have taken place every year since 2008, have the aim of gathering representatives from the media, experts and journalists from both Poland and Germany. This is done in order to strengthen the cooperation between both countries and their mutual understanding in the field of mass media and journalist work.

Another idea behind the event is to put emphasis on the important role that journalists play in presenting and shaping Polish-German relationships. The Media Days are being organised every year, with the location of the event shifting each year between Germany and Poland. This regular change of location aids in broadening the context of the common understanding between the two nations. Each year a jury gives several awards, in three categories, to journalists from both countries.

Each cycle is being held under different theme. Topics so far discussed are, among others: “The political-media machine. Poland and Germany in the European media reports”, “Poland and Germany. Partners on the East”, "Get ahead of change - Poland and Germany 2013”. Two years ago, the organisers decided to expand the Media Days further, by organising several workshops on journalism, and last year, an interactive “fishbowl debate” was introduced as a new element of the event.

This year’s event was titled "Europe before the elections. What choice does Europe have?" and took place from the 8th until the 9th of May 2014. The Media Days are organized jointly by the Robert Bosch Foundation, the Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation and several border regions in both Poland and Germany.

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