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Modern Life through a camera lens

June 22nd, 2015

The Nordic embassies are hosting an exhibition of five Norwegian artist which was opened by the Norwegian Ambassador to Germany on the April 23rd. The exhibition runs until July 2nd.

The Norwegian embassy is hosting an exhibition of five Norwegian artists until July 2nd in Felleshus. The Norwegian ambassador to Germany, Elisabeth Walaas opened the collection on 23rd April. The guests enjoyed performances from the Norwegian jazz musician Nils Petter Molvær and his band who performed outside on the terrace of the Norwegian embassy.

The exhibition is led by the curator Stephanie von Spreter, who is the artistic director at the Stiftung Fotogalleriet in Oslo. The artists included in the exhibition are Andreas Bennin, Toft I Honerud, Petrine Vinje und Verena Winkelmann. The artists’ works confront themes of social, political and cultural relevance through the perspective of a camera lens; be it through photography or film. The works draw on the artists’ Norwegian heritage and demonstrate the role of self-expression and identity on a global level. They investigate particular points in time in which today’s challenges are present. The artists reflect on these challenges and rediscover the contexts in which they appear. Similarly the works show how times past are still relevant today. However, this collection is not the product of a single study, but rather it represents the artists’ long standing interest in the theme. The works housed in the collection represent a diverse range of styles and interpretations on the theme. From the works of Andreas Bennin, which focus on the restauration of Norway’s natural landscapes, which in the past were often used by the Norwegian army and NATO as a shooting range, the exhibition extends to the works by Toft I Honerud, whose study uses techniques from Blow Up to explore the spread of private images through the media. Others such as Petrine Vinje draw on Runology to produce a film which shows Rune yoga as the source of spiritual knowledge, while Verena Winkelmann uses photography to study the relationship between fathers and their children during the first stages of childhood.

The exhibition is open Monday- Friday 12.00 -18.00

Address: Nordische Botschaften, Rauchstr. 1, 10787 Berlin

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