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Pilgrimage, Way To Wiepersdorf - A Journey Into The Life Of A Traveller

Nordic embassies in Berlin demonstrate how travel can enrich one’s life

July 08th, 2016

The 7th July will be the last day for those interested in visiting the "pilgrimage" exhibition organized by the Contemporary Finnish Art Institute along with the Nordic Embassies based in Berlin. Visitors will have the possibility to discover several works created by contemporary Finnish artists, who have been living together in the Wiepersdorf Castle in Brandeburg for several months. The artworks on display address the themes of mobility and pilgrimage.

The exhibition presents the works of six Finnish artists made between 2007 and 2015. They lived and worked for several months in the Wiepersdorf Castle, Brandenburg, made possible through a grant issued by the Finnish Cultural Foundation. Wiepersdorf Castle is located in Brandenburg, approximately 80 km south of Berlin, and holds a very special place in the history of the arts in Germany, particularly in the field of literature. As the former residence of Ludwig Achim and Bettina von Arnim, the foremost literary couple of the German Romantic period, Wiepersdorf enjoys a long tradition as a focal point of intellect and artistic expression.
The artists are Elina Julin, Jarkko Räsänen, Tiina Raitanen, Mia Saharla, Elsa Salonen and composer Tomi Räisänen; the curator is Dr. Sabine Meister. Oil paintings, photographs, installations and video art have been perfectly staged for providing visitors with a full exciting experience into the artist's pilgrimage world.
The title "Pilgrimage" refers to the outer and inner trip of the artist and to their own lonely artistic journey. Each artist presents their own experience, showing visitors how an international experience can actually change one’s life.
Through these works, the artists want to show how distance, routine, the familiar and how the change of perspective - in both human and in artistic terms – can play an important role in determining who we are and how we see the world around us.
In a new environment, it is easier to free oneself from the familiar, to try new things and to reflect. For this reason, the artists aim to encourage visitors to have new experiences through mobility, self-discovery and by showing how it can represent an opportunity to live as you want to and therefore a chance to experiment with new ways of being and thinking.


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Jessica Sama, Berlin Global